Tomy Rainbow Aquadraw


Just by using a supplied pen, Aquadraw allows you to bring pictures to life with water. The Tomy Aquadraw pen is excellent as it is thick so that it is easy for your child to hold the pen. Use the Aquadraw pen on the Aquadraw mat.

In the Aquadraw Mini Mats Thomas & Friends set there are four different Thomas and Friends pictures to colour in.

You can easily allow you child to use this at the back of your car whilst traveling and around. They can't make a mess. It is a tremendous concept, and means you can almost use this anywhere and there is no mess. My kids have the Tomy Aquadraw and there really is no mess.

If you have a child they can be little artist, find out with Rainbow Aquadraw, they may just love to paint then the Tomy Rainbow is fantastic for developing these artist skills. There is no need to monitor your children to make sure they do not get paint on your walls or curtains because there is no paint invloved with these aquadraw sets.

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The pen that is included is all you need to start your child off. The Aquadraw Pen is included in all Aquadraw Deluxe sets, and indeed all of the sets available. It really is good clean fun without the need for ink, or paint brushes, no paint to make great Thomas & Friends pictures.

You quite simply fill the Thomas & Friends Aquadraw pen or brush or roller, depending on the set you buy, with water yes just ordinary tap water and let your child create their own masterpieces. When the water runs out just supply the little ones more water. It is easy and fun.

It is excellent as there is no need for batteries but then there are no electronics for the requirement of batteries.

Just image if you needed ink, no matter how little you need a little bit of ink would be a really bad mess everywhere. You would need to spend hours trying to clean it up. When cleaning something like ink you run the risk of having to use solvents and other harmful liquids to eliminate the stains of ink. This way aquadraw is better and less costly too.

Just image is you had to use paint brushes, again you would have to spend ages to clean them and ensure they were clean to use them the following time. Would you want to? Not many parents would want to get these out to do it again and again if it meant you had to do lots of cleaning.

Tomy the manufacturers of Aquadraw Mini Mats Thomas & Friends set recommended there should be a minimum age on 18 months to use this product.

Given their reuse facility Aquadraw Mini Mats are very cost effective. Young children can simply re-use the mats time and time again. There is no need to keep paying out for crayons or even colouring in books!

Thomas Aquadraw

Thomas Aquadraw has arrived at the station in time for the current season. Aquadraw is a great concept and add Thomas to it you are sure your kids are going to love it.

Your kids can paint a line on the mat on top of the Thomas picture and watch the Thomas Aquadraw train follow the line. Now, how good is that? As the train continues over the Thomas Aquadraw mat set it plays the theme tune from Thomas the Tank engine. The kids love it. The roller pen is supplied with the Aquadraw Mat in the Thomas Aquadraw set.